The legendary, immortal nemesis of the Highlander, in the film of the same name.
Since 1536, he has waited till the time of the gathering to confront the highlander, once and for all to take the prize for his own evil and unscrupulous goals that would send mankind into an eternity of darkness.
However, in 1986 the Highlander fought and defeated the Kurgan in the Silver Cup Studios claiming the prize for himself and hence saving mankind.

Since 1986 the word has taken on many meanings since and has developed into a noun, verb and adjective.

Noun: a bad, annoying or otherwise fucked up person or thing.
Verb: to hinder, annoy or fuck up someone or something.
Adjective: becomes 'Kurganesk', and means the accompaning noun to be a Kurgan.

Can be combined with the word scourge to form scurgan, to mean both scourgey and Kurganesk.
Noun: oh, you fuck. You're such a Kurgan.

Verb: Please dont Kurgan me, i wanna finish this before midnight.

Adjective: KURGANESK BITCH!!! Don't hit my car with a golf club!!!
by phoenickstevens April 3, 2007
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Kurgans are often quite tall men. They have the ability to sweep any girl off her feet and fall in love with them!

They usually have one female friend that they always talk to and visit! They are very trusting and trustworthy although sometimes they lie to protect their friends feelings!

Kurgans are always rich and will succeed in anything and everything they do! A good leader and a responsible adult. And since they are usually Russian they can hold unbelievable amounts of alcohol...

Kurgans have the most hypnotic eyes and funniest laughs. They are super buff/built (the total babe/the full package)

If you are ever lucky enough to meet a Kurgan never let him go cause he could be the man to change your life in the best ways possible
Girl 1: Oh my word that new Kurgan kid is sooooo hot. He can take me out any day

Girl 2: I call dibs, you not allowed to have him!

Guy: How can that Kurgan oak be so successful and always get any chick he wants?!
by **JAYDIE** December 28, 2017
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The tendency of divorced dads to take up edgy right wing rhetoric (men’s rights, ethnostates, etc) and conspiracy theories while claiming expertise about topics they’ve barely researched. Named for GiuseppeFace on Mars Joe” Filotto, a youtuber and lolcow
Ever since Mom ran off with Tyrell, Dad’s had a bad case of Dunning-Kurgan and is arming himself for a societal collapse he claims will happen in nine days.
by OsoDeMaricon August 27, 2021
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