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I dont know who you are or how you stumbled across this word as well. Kudos again. Enki was the real engineer of the human race. He was the Sumerian god of science, engineering, magic, strategy, music, and lovemaking.

He was also known as the god EA, the Egyptian god Ptah, the Yezidi god Melek'Taus, and he has been called the adversary of the Christian god simply because he gives his followers knowledge and wisdom of the universe and how to be as gods, themselves, and because they refuse to believe in lies.

For this, the Christian god relentlessly and wrongfully attacks the agents of Enki.
Go google "Enki" and research it.

There is proof that is older than the dead sea scrolls that Enki is the true friend of humanity.

Good luck finding the truth.
by Sagely Historian December 03, 2004
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