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A moronic group led by even bigger morons who believe that the alien water god Enki was mans creator.Tse dumb cult also believes that Hitler is the Messiah and that if u even look at a Jew, youre damned. The group teaches that all Jews are evil and even seeing one is a big sin, with the exception of their Divinus Magister Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote the Holy Book of the JOS called The Lost Book of Enki. Every JOSer is required to have the book or punishment will be bestowed. THey have a punishment squad led by its leader, Maxines Asswasher.....also known as Her Holy Slave.....i mean Servant. If you dont do anything but force people, spam the net with JOS links and rob peopleś money to be given to them, he will send u so called death curses
I am a retard since im with the Joy of Satan
by sepoplak December 6, 2007
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