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Rocking out to Bon Jovi to such a degree that you actually in your head believe you are them, on stage or in a music video and people have come to see you or are watching your music video.

This may include: Swishing your hair about, miming with a make believe/actual microphone in your hand, doing a hip-sway like dance, leaning on your make believe Sambora as if you're both singing into the same microphone or doing that RockNRoll style "best bud" move where you lean up against eachother and squirm about as if you're very uncomfortable in your own skin (That's right, I'm referring to you, The Darkness), and all that kind of stuff.
"Man! Look a Chris go!!" "Yeah, he's going the extra mile with his Joviing tonight!"

"What're you doing later man?" "Joviing"
by 90percentwater August 14, 2011
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