To flake; the act of flaking; to make commitments to an event, but decide to drop out at the last moment, usually because of inexplicable or convoluted reasons that just don't make sense.
A: Hey Cindy, I thought you had a dinner date with Lorraine or something like that.

B: Yeah, I thought so too, but then she pulled a jovi on me.
by runintoluck September 30, 2010
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The best person anyone could ever imagine, people love her like no one would understand. Tbh, Bitch you're minez fuck dem hoes I'm not sharing your cute ass I call dibs I love you so fucken much I have no words I will never drop you or replace you nobody can be a friend like you you're one of a kind you're like my dream sis someone I have always wanted in my life and I got lucky, I struck gold you're so amazing and Fuken hot in my life Ilysm please don't drop me โ™ฅ๏ธ
Jovi will! Get your ass over here now and help me finish this extra large pizza!

Okay fat grass Percy โ™ฅ๏ธ
by Bubblegumeyes2 June 13, 2018
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The scientific term used to refer to someone who possesses an abnormally large forehead. A jovi is also extremely insecure about it and chooses to crop it out of selfies. If one brings up the topic of foreheads around a Jovi, the Jovi will choose to curse you out extremely deliberately.
Jovi's are also known to maintain sexual relations with middle school teachers disguised as hobos, eat Taco Bell incessantly, and fuck little indian boys.
Ex. 1
Nate: Did you see that girl over there?
Mark: Yeah, that Jovi's forehead to face ratio is ludicrous!
Ex. 2
Bhavesh: Do you think I'll get laid tonight?
Raviteja: Yeah dude, I heard there is a Jovi at the party!
Ex. 3
Guy 1: Did you hear that Jovi is grounded?
Guy 2: No, what happened?
Guy 1: She snuck out of the house to get Taco Bell!
Guy2: What a 6headass!
by Dongerzz December 29, 2014
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Started in the 90's, term meaning to want to sell one's mom and drugs, also can be slang for fat ass idoit mother F**ker
"You are a Jovi!" says bob,
"am not" says Harry

Harrys last name is Dick
by TomTom November 11, 2004
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