To act spunky or sassy while annoying your friends
Kim you are acting really firery tonight, calm it down!
by Kimberley Unger May 10, 2008
First start out like normal and when your about to blow your load cram your cock in the back of her throat and if done right it will shoot out her nose...she will feel a burning sensation in her nose hints "FIRERY DRAGON"
by Country Racer 88 March 19, 2017
The act of climbing on top of a tall building or mountain, removing ones pants crouching down and furiously masturbating using Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub Cream as lubricant. Causing a fiery ,liberating act of public masturbation.
Hey did you hear Nick had a Firery Gargoyle on top of city hall the other day?

What a mad cunt!
by Crusty radtastic February 5, 2018