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1. A funny white girl with a huge ass whose sexy and likes to argue; with her bad temper and a firery personality.
2. The most awesome person in the world.
3. the coolest woman you will ever meet.
1. "hey asshole! Don't fuck around with me; my name is JOVIE!"
2. "Wow, that girl is cool; her name must be jovie."
by Linda F October 05, 2008
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Jovie is a combo word meaning "joke envy". It is used when a friend makes a funny joke that you wish you would have made, or was on the tip of your tongue when they said it.

It can also be used when someone does a prank or goof that you wish you would have thought of first.

Expressing jovie to a friend conveys that you are just as funny as them and also conveys a respect for their jokery or goofery.
You know, when I woke up to the cat butthole air freshener dangling in my face, at first I thought I was angry, but then I realized that I just had extreme jovie. Why didn't I think of that?
by starsatnoon September 07, 2009
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1.<EM>Slang,Sometimes Derogatory</EM>:Jehovah's Witness.
"I know her!", Kate said in a malicious voice. " I HATE her! She's a Jovie."
by D.D. February 13, 2005
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