One of the best people you'll ever meet. She's sweet, kind, and everything nice! Jovie brightens everyone else's day with her funny jokes and overall beautiful personality.
Jovie: h-

by liyahxyz February 4, 2019
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An absolutely beautiful girl, but everytime you try to get her to notice you by showering her in complements she doesn't realize that you love her. But she is an incredibly talented, intelligent, artistic, and friendly girl.
Hey Jovie, you look nice today, "Her," Oh thanks I put it together myself.
by I love Jovie March 19, 2020
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1. A funny white girl with a huge ass whose sexy and likes to argue; with her bad temper and a firery personality.
2. The most awesome person in the world.
3. the coolest woman you will ever meet.
1. "hey asshole! Don't fuck around with me; my name is JOVIE!"
2. "Wow, that girl is cool; her name must be jovie."
by Linda F October 5, 2008
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Jovie is a combo word meaning "joke envy". It is used when a friend makes a funny joke that you wish you would have made, or was on the tip of your tongue when they said it.

It can also be used when someone does a prank or goof that you wish you would have thought of first.

Expressing jovie to a friend conveys that you are just as funny as them and also conveys a respect for their jokery or goofery.
You know, when I woke up to the cat butthole air freshener dangling in my face, at first I thought I was angry, but then I realized that I just had extreme jovie. Why didn't I think of that?
by starsatnoon September 7, 2009
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1.<EM>Slang,Sometimes Derogatory</EM>:Jehovah's Witness.
"I know her!", Kate said in a malicious voice. " I HATE her! She's a Jovie."
by D.D. February 13, 2005
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Jovi is a fun, loving, and caring person. She can be hyper and crazy at times. She’s always there for you if you need her.
Amanda: Omg your such a Jovi
Carol: Awe thanks so much
by Amanda Potts February 20, 2019
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Eugene:Bob you are so cool!
Bob:I think you mean I am a Jovi
by KillaJack799 April 17, 2017
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