A devoted fan of the television series Star Trek or one of its spinoff series or films. Variant: wordTrekker/word
Jon is a major Trekkie.
by Tom E. Pinkerton November 19, 2002
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A trekkie is a person who LOVES Star Trek. They may or may not dress as characters and go to conventions. They are sometimes just normal people who watch or read excessive amounts of Star Trek.
Trekkie1 "I just finished reading the whole Star Trek series"

Trekkie2 "No way! I just finished the movie series"

Trekkie3 "I just got back from a Klingon convention"
by Uhura September 29, 2012
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(n.) A fan, avid or otherwise, of at least one Star Trek series or movie. Devotees who totally immerse themselves in this subculture have given this term a somewhat negative stereotype, turning the majority of the fan base into the butt of many lame jokes. More "reality based" Trekkies, hoping to differentiate themselves from the habituous character-emulating, convention-attending crowd, choose to accept the label of "Trekker".
"John has the entire 3 seasons of the original Star Trek on DVD. What a Trekkie!"

"Nah... John's more of a Trekker. At least he doesn't go to half a dozen conventions a year dressed as a Klingon."
by fugitive247 October 29, 2004
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A fan of more than one Star Trek series, who may or may not necessarily dress up as characters or believe that it is real. The dressing up steryotype has been perpetuated by poor American cartoons and sad freaks who sicken even us other Trekkies.
Yes i'm a Trekkie, but i'm not a retarded nerd as well
by The Insane One November 12, 2003
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Being a Trekkie, I enjoy watching the original series, as well as the movie and sequels.
by Benjamin Dover May 6, 2003
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Someone who is obsessed with Star Trek. They tend to go to conventions, ramble about every nook and cranny of the enterprise, and watch all the episodes they have recorded on vhs.
Trekkie: "Don't captain kirk your phone like that! It will snap in half!
Normal Person: "Wow bro you are the biggest Trekkie."
by KaitWormKeziah December 20, 2008
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