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The kindest, most irratating, lovable, friendliest, rudest guy there is. At times he can be an angel on earth, but be careful because he can flip like a switch and become a rude, angry, grumpy demon.
Usually very energetic and can’t keep quiet for long periods of time. Generally good looking and usually blonde with blue eyes.

He’s not the smartest guy you know, but also not the dumbest.
Shit, I by accident told Joppe to go away and he nearly killed me!
by junkfood123 January 14, 2019
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Awsome dude that actually kept awake just to listen to Radio Free Zion and didn't stop listening until after 3842 minutes!
Joppe: "Oh wow, I'm getting tired .. Can't keep this up too long ..."

Sundog: "You can do it Joppe!"

Joppe: "Rock on, I'm going for 4000!!"
by RFZ fan December 20, 2004
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