Joon is a person who is always thinking, always dealing with fucked up shit, shit that no one deserves to go through. He keeps to himself, very hard to read and understand, he deals with more things than people expect. People think he has no emotions, but deep down he’s filled with so many. He’s one of the best people you could ever be close with, he will give so much love & loyalty and share so much of his wisdom. He is one of the smartest people in the world but I don’t think he releazies his great potential. He was meant to do things that are out of this world, but he doubts himself so much feeling he is unworthy of all good. Joon has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. He is special, different, and of course very good looking as well. Joon is a person I will love until the end of time.
Wow you're close with Joon? lucky you!
by Livelovelaughlollollol September 20, 2019
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Joon means Dear in the Iranian/persian farsi language. It is most fequently used in terms of affection and attatched to ones name.
Joon can also mean hottie.
In a sense it's used like the word babe or baby.
Jeanne-joon how are you today sweatheart?

Damn that joon has a beautiful ass!

Ohh.. are so good.
by J. Tala March 8, 2006
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To have either material or time "stolen" or borrowed for an unspecified time.

Usually done by a person who is too cheap to buy their own stuff or able to do things on their own.
Someone took my seat, man I got jooned.
by Joon W February 19, 2009
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Someone especially a male who is nice, caring, handsome, well mannered, they're the sweetest when in love, reserved etc. Can be very loyal when loyalty is being served. Usually on his own, a one man army. They usually love staring, if you catch him staring at you be 80% sure he admires you
Debby: I like the way this guy behaves
Jane: He's actually a Joon
by Realmasked February 12, 2020
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Joon is someone who is very caring towards the ones he cares about. He's alittle clueless at times when it comes to others. He may not get things right the first time. He isnt very good at reading other peoples emotions and he's not any better at showing his own. Being with joon can be frustrating. But joon isnt someone who won't leave you in a rough patch. He's someone who's honest. Although he might not be able to Express himself properly using words all the time he still tries. Joons the type of person who expresses his love through his gestures and through physical touch. Hes the type of person who loves very deeply and is willing to make sacrifices for the people closest to him.
Joon didn't understand what I was trying to say but he still tried to cheer me up in his own way, even if he didnt understand what upset me.
by Kittenthoughts November 13, 2019
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In jail or prison; ones personal slave or bitch. Sometimes they are paid for their work.
Nah, I dont make my bed my joon joon does it.

My joon joon washes my clothes.
by threestacks300 December 27, 2011
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Coined by social media parenting influencers The Adanna & David Family, jooning refers to the daily routine of journaling anything we are particularly grateful for.
I enjoyed jooning with the kids before bedtime, it reminded me that today wasn't such a shitty day after all.
Me: What you doing Noah?
Noah: I'm just jooning
by I saw it on IG September 16, 2020
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