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Joon means Dear in the Iranian/persian farsi language. It is most fequently used in terms of affection and attatched to ones name.
Joon can also mean hottie.
In a sense it's used like the word babe or baby.
Jeanne-joon how are you today sweatheart?

Damn that joon has a beautiful ass!

Ohh.. are so good.
by J. Tala March 07, 2006
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Name: Joon

Birthday: April 26

Ethnicity: Korean/Chinese

Short biography:

Joon is one of the most popular people from RedBana, Audition. He attracts EVERYONE in Audition. You could even say that he is a male magnet since he attracts mostly the men in Audition. Joon's current IGN is Music. Joon is the NICEST person you will ever meet. He may look innocent at first, but he's actually a devil in bed. In fact, he's very handsome & good-looking. Too bad he isn't available. Well at least.. not on the weekends ^___~ . He currently works as a swindling male stripper and is only available on Friday. (Note: $1,000 per hour and extra $500 if you want to see him do some pole dancing.) He likes animals that are in the feline family. So when you're in bed with him, you're the tiger and he's the ringer master. If you know what I mean..
Joon: (/o u o)/
by yourfelinefriend August 17, 2012
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A term used to define a gay Asian man.
Person 1: Oh man, I love to suck penis!
Person 2: Aw dude, you're such a Joon.
by Scrabble winner May 06, 2015
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Short form for "Junior Bacon Cheeseburger", a popular item on Wendy's Fast Food Value Menue enjoyed by many obese people and stoners.
Hey man i've been smoking dank all night lets go buy some joons.
by mike p June 01, 2004
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for when someone say their going to be somewhere or do something and never on time
that girl was suppose be here 10 mins ago.....bruh she just joon you
by chuckp(a-town) April 21, 2010
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Joon is the type of guy you would expect to be cool but once you meet him you realize he is quite weird. He try's to be nice but often ends up stabbing his friends in the back. He gets worked up over the littlest things and turns every situation into a catastrophe.

He is the scum of the earth. A total fuckboi. He likes every girl he meets because he knows the chances of him getting a girl he actually likes are very low. His name defines a gay Korean. Also, his head is very large. He thinks he has nice hair even though his hairstyle is trash. He has a micro pe is. 0.43 inches to be exact. That is when he is erect.
Person 1: Hey look at that kids head it's fucking gigantic.
Person 2: Yeah, thats just Joon
Person 1:Oh, the kid who is awkward around girls?
Person 2: Yeah, that's him
by Ejendhdnndkdkd May 31, 2017
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