Persian language,the language which is spoken in Iran.
hey you, stop talking english, talk in farsi.
by Babak August 7, 2005
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A beautiful language which has been used as the language of bourgeoisie in Ottoman Empire, Afghanistan and even in India; a language which is being called as "French of the East" by some of western intellectuals.
Some of Turkish poets preferred to write their poems in Farsi, because they thought that Farsi was more beautiful than Turkish.
by Les aveux du garcon August 21, 2014
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Language spoken in Afghanistan and Iran. The farsi spoken in Afghanistan is slightly different from the farsi spoken in Iran. Also known as Persian.
The following dialogue is a transliteration of farsi:
Person 1: O bacha, chee gap ast?
Person 2: Cheezay nay. Tu chee go mekhori?!?!?!
Person 1: Khak da saret o padar lanat!!!
by a5678 September 10, 2005
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Also known as Parsi, or Persian.

The main, and official language in Iran, and Afghanistan. (Persian Farsi, Afghan Farsi.) The Farsi in both countries are stlightly different. But if a true Persian and a true Afghan meet for the first time, they will understand each other. Basically it's like comparing the American English to the British English.

It is one of the oldest languages still in use today.

It is an ancient Indo-European language.
If you want to say "How are you" in Persian Farsi you'd say:

"Ha'al e shomah chetoreh"

If you want to say "How are you" in Afghan Farsi you'd say:

"Afha'al e shomah chetor"
by aguynamedandy October 2, 2005
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Italian verb for "shagging someone".
Ieri mi sono fatto (indicative present of "farsi") tua moglia -> Yesterday I fucked your wife
by Htnever March 11, 2013
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Basically a weak/virgin jaw. Because Middle-Eastern (inclusive Iranian) men got a high ratio of weak/virgin jaws because of ancestral premature farming. Basically anyone with a weak/virgin jaw has a Farsi jaw.
Ayooo bro lemme do a jawline check. Bruh you got a Farsi Jaw man.
by HelloFrumUzbekistan March 6, 2022
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A recessed or weak jawline primarily found in middle Eastern ( primarily iranian)

Anyone with a soy or weak chin automatically has a farsi jaw e.g. Assad
Farsi jaw check
Person 1 : yooo lemme see ur jawline mayne
Person 2 : i would prefer not to show it but here
Person 1 : yoo thats farsi af mayne gotta cut down on yo persian lessons
by PLUTO SMITH May 5, 2022
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