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Someone who is foolishly happy about an accomplishment that is otherwise a normal feat.
Person 1: Hey, I just benched 95! I feel great!
Person 2: Yeah man good job!
(Person 1 walks away)
Person 2 (to his friend): Man, what a joner...
by The Swolestar August 30, 2020
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Derivative of the two words, "Jean" and the slang word, "Boner".

A folding of the jeans in the crotch region of a pair of jeans that results in a small to medium sized uprising when worn. Usually found when worn by girls, although they can be found in certain males who either have microscopic genitalia or who wear loose jeans.
Nikki showed me her joner during lunch today, it was quite large. However, mine was larger, so I showed her mine.
by joner1234 January 2, 2011
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A Term used to describe the Boner of a Jonas Brother.
"God Joe must have been really happy at the concert. He had a huge Joner" "Well he's surrounded by tons of beautiful girls"
by Meggy1010 July 11, 2008
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A VERY happy Jonas. Joe loves to sing... a lot.
Is that a banana in you're pocket or do you have a Joner?
by jhwvfujsefguif August 24, 2008
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the frontal area of jeans that sticks up when you sit down.aka a jean boner.
thats a huge joner

is that a joner or are you happy to see me

are you guys the joner brothers?
by xchudx December 1, 2009
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When someone gets a boner from listening to or thinking about the Jonas brothers.
I was listening to my new jonas brothers cd and I got a huge joner!
by Megzok February 20, 2009
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