A word used to describe a fellow friend/brother - instead of saying fella' or dude
Joko, how are you doing?
That joko is one heck of a drinker man!
Jokos, it's been a great night with you all.
by J.JOKO October 4, 2019
Acronym - Jack Off, Knock Out

Verb -
1) To masturbate with the intent of falling asleep shortly thereafter.
2) To suddenly orgasm with excitement.
Q: "What'd you end up doing last night?"
A: "Played some WOW and Joko'd."
by stokejob March 5, 2010
A favorite past time for all humans of all ages and sex (mainly males). The acronym stands for "jack off knock out."
"hey what did you do last night"
"nothing much, just the usual. JOKO"
"Hey me too"
by JSAG January 11, 2008
when someone tells too many jokes and it gets painfull
"man John was joko last night!"
by minimandchris April 18, 2006