1.) How people in New Jersey do NOT pronounce "Jersey". Residents of New Jersey are known to pronounce some select words in funny ways. "Jersey" is not one of them.

2.) How New Yorkers mispronounce "Jersey".
Mario: I've been in Jersey for 20 years give or take and have never heard anyone pronounce it like "joisey" before!

Vinny: I have, but it was some fat lowlife New Yorker who cut me off on the turnpike and flipped me the bird in front of his own children.
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 9, 2007
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The mythical place were all people from out-of-state New Jersey think people from New Jersey are from.
Guy from New York:Hey man I hear your from Joisey!

New Jersyian:I don't know were the hell this "Joisey" place your talking about is,but i'm from Jersey.
by JerZeyCJ October 23, 2009
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How New Jersians say "Jersey". They all talk like this.
"Don't mess with me, I'm from Joisey!"

Person 1: "Why are you spread eagle on the bar counter with your twat hanging out?"

Jersey-ite: "It's a Joisey thing!"
by Nobodyyouknow123 January 10, 2014
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Joisey - Noun.

Joisey is accented for New Jersey. People from North New Jersey or New York usually have this accent.
Imma get dis dawg from Joisey and wulk him.
by Pander November 9, 2006
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"Joisey" is the way some New Yorkers mispronounced New Jersey (both leaving out the "New" and pronouncing "Jersey" badly). People who moved to New Jersey from New York and who prided themselves in not having the extreme accent of some people in their old New York neighborhoods would sometimes ridicule and imitate the way these New Yorkers referred to New Jersey as "Joisey." These days, some people from other parts of the country, or at least not from New Jersey, mistakenly think that "Joisey" is the way New Jerseyans commonly refer to their state.
I told my old neighbor that I've missed him ever since I moved to New Jersey, but he kept saying that I had left the old neighborhood to go to "joisey" and that now I was a "joisey goil."
by Farfalla February 24, 2008
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How us New Jersey people DONT say Jersey
We say Jurzee, see New Jersey accent
Not even people in North Jersey say it that way
Not even my cousins from NY say it
We have 8 million residents, do you really think all of them say "Joisey"? If you do than your dumb as hell.
I bet 90% of you who make fun of us have never been to New Jersey, and I bet I could make fun of your state but I don't cause I'm not some ignorant fuck who makes up shit.
by Jersey Kid March 16, 2008
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1920's Betty Boop, caricturish, outdated notion of how New Jerseyians talk. Mostly propagated by middle of the country bumkins who have never left their home town.
Midwesterner1: I used to think people from Joisey all have big or slicked hair, live in an ethnic neighborhood and drive around in a Camaro. And when they weren't screaming at their girlfriend to Shut the Fuck Up they're stealin' somebodies hubcaps.

Midwesterer2: So, what changed your mind?

Midwesterner1: I went there.
by 07079 January 26, 2009
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