The bitter irony in all of this is the sobering fact that people who AREN'T from New Jersey say "Joi-Zee," believing that their unfounded stereotype is how everyone in NJ says "Jersey" Perplexingly, this means that, in reality, they are stereotyping themselves.
Hey, I hear your from Joi-zee!

Yeah! Way to fuckin' go! You just failed to grasp what a New Jersey accent is! High five!
by PippityPip June 20, 2011
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We DONT say Joisey. We tend to draw out our vowels like people from Philly. If your in North Jersey you may have a New York-Like accent, If your in South Jersey Philly is your city and you talk more like them. Not all people have accents because most people move here from other Countries, and Regions of the U.S. I tend to say "Worter" instead of "Water". I also Say "Caaary" instead of "Carry." and "Nevahdah" instead of "Nevada". We mostly don't have strong accents though and remember NO ONE EVERY SAYS JOISEY.
West Coast Person: Hey aren't you from "Joisey" (trying to make fun of an accent that no one has)

NJ Kid: Actually we say it like "JUR-ZEE" and most New Jersey Accents aren't that strong, it varies from person to person.
by Always Right October 14, 2007
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Stereotypical accent that is thought to hail from New Jersey.
This is only believed to be the New Jersey accent from those who don't live in/around the state.

Examples of this accent:

Jersey - Joisey
Daughter - dawda/dawter
dog - dawg
coffee - cawfee
water - wawder
talk - tawk

This accent does exist in people from other areas of the country,

however if you use it in front of someone from Jersey they may secretly hate you.
Person one: Where are you from?
Person two: oh North Jersey.
Person one: So you're from Joisey then?

Person two: ...
Person one: ...
Person two: That's not a New Jersey accent.... Go fuck yourself.
by Gaylady215 February 29, 2016
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Most importantly about a new jersey accent, NO ONE SAYS JOISEY. I dont know how this myth got started, but it just dosent exist. People from south, central, and north Jersey have different accents. People from south Jersey are more likely to say the word "daughter" as "daater", while people from north Jersey are more likely to say "dawter". I'm from central Jersey and i say "dawter" and also "mairy", not "marry". But it all depends where you're from. Most people sound like they're from Philly, but not everyone, especially if you're from Jersey City. And no, not all the girls have thick, stereotypical, nasal "joisey" accents.
Jersey Girl: I'm from central Jersey.
Guy from Western state (in a nasal voice): Uhhh, yuh frum JOISEY! Wheyahs ya new joisey akksend?
Jersey Girl: I'm not from JOISEY, and no one has that sort of new jersey accent, stupid!
by AfterDark December 26, 2007
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Proper North Jersey Pronunciations & Common Phrases:

War-der (Water)
Daw-der (Daughter)
Tawk (Talk)
Dawg (Dog)
Ax-cent (accent)
Wud-ever (whatever)
Jur-zee (Jersey)
Draw (Drawer)
Muh-ree-uh (Maria)
Merry (Mairy)
Mairy (Marry)
Mair-reed (Married)
Mair-ridge (Marriage)
Dewsh-bag (douche-bag)
Yew (you)
Fuck-yew (Fuck you)
Fukket (Fuck it)
Fuck-dat (Fuck that)
Fuh-get (Forget)
Fuh-got (Forgot)
Fuh-gedda-boud-dit (Forget about it)
Itz-fuh-gotten (It's forgotten)
I-doe-know (I don't know)
What-cha-do-in? (What are you doing?)
Whad-jew-do? (What did you do?)
What-sup-witch-yew? (What's up with you?)
What-da-fuk-issup-witch-yew? (What the fuck is up with you?)
Lemme (let me)
Lemme-tell-ya (Let me tell you)
im-go-in (I'm going)
im-gunna (I'm going to)
Siddy (City)
Tha-siddy / Duh-siddy (New York City)
Yew-go-in-to-duh-siddy? (Are you going to New York City?)
Jew-go-to-duh-siddy? (Did you go to New York City?)
Where-yew-go-in? (Where are you going?)
Where-jew-go? (Where did you go?)
The New Jersey Accent in use:

Joey: Hey Vinny, yew dewsh-bag. What-sup-witch-yew? Where-jew-go last night? Jew hang in Jerzee?

Vinny: Nah, I hung out in duh-siddy wid-dat chick Merry wit da Brooklyn ax-cent. Whad-jew-do?

Joey: Jew-bang-er?

Vinny: Nah, we just tawked.

Joey: Yew gonna mairy er?

Vinny: What-da-fuk-issup-witch-yew? Fuh-gedda-boud-dit, man. Whad-jew-do last night?
by Doc Xavian January 13, 2009
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People in New Jersey really don't have as thick of an accent as people think although most people say trent'n instead of trenton (same applies to other words ending in the ton sound...Oh and NO ONE SAYS JOISY!!
"We're goin' down to Trent' commin'?"
"Your New Jersey accent isn't what I though it would be."
by Tori222 May 23, 2009
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