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The reason why most Jersyians (including me) think we are are the best state and think we are better than you.Its also the reason why some people from Jersey like to yell JERSEY!when asked were they are from from and when out of state like to get the nick-name Jersey (to my knowledge nobody from any other state gets there state name as a nick-name when out of state) Jersey pride my came from years of people from other states putting Jersey down and making fun of it.Therefore being from Jersey,we feel we must defend it.
guy1:hey man were ya from
guy2:so wuts your name?
Jerseyian:my names Steve but you can call me Jersey.
Guy1 talking to guy2:whats up with that guy?
guy2 to guy1:its cool hes just got a little bit of Jersey pride.
by JerZeyCJ October 23, 2009
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The mythical place were all people from out-of-state New Jersey think people from New Jersey are from.
Guy from New York:Hey man I hear your from Joisey!

New Jersyian:I don't know were the hell this "Joisey" place your talking about is,but i'm from Jersey.
by JerZeyCJ October 23, 2009
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A way of killing in a COD game were, when using a sniper on some one whose running, you "drag" your sniper scope across the screen to try to catch up with them and shoot them.
"That would of been the sweetest, longest drag scope in the world, if I would of gotten that, but unfortunatly, I wasn't able to pull it off, my sensativity just wasn't quite high enough."- MisterFantasmo on his video Modern Warfare 2: Booster Justice: The Aftermath with MisterFantasmo (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary)
by JerZeyCJ July 15, 2010
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A holiday that doesnt make sense.
person A: How should we celebrate Jesus coming back from the dead?
Person A: I don't see what that has to do with---
Person B: DON'T WORRY, theres a bunny!
Easter doent make any fuckin sense!
by JerZeyCJ March 29, 2010
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How to say "go fuck yourself" but getting a better reaction out of the person and people around you. Unlike "go fuck yourself" Go fuck yourself with a screwdriver MUST be yelled as loudly as possible, even in a public place, no exceptions. This phrase may be used at any time, even when "go fuck yourself" normally wouldn't be used.
person1: So, I was thinking we could go out today an-
everybody around them: 0_0
person1:0_0 dude wtf
by JerZeyCJ February 14, 2011
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The one "religion" that Atheists and Christians can look at and just say to each other "Thats bullshit."
Christian: God is to real!
Atheist: The bible is a book a fairytails!
Scientologist: Hello have you heard about the church of Scientology?
Christian & Atheist: Thats a lode of bullshit!
by JerZeyCJ March 07, 2010
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A song written by the band KoRn. Its about when the lead singer,Jonathan Davis was in school and was constantly made fun of and him thinking of all the ways he could get revenge on the people (from the music video it appears to mostly be the jocks) it has inspired many people and they often say it describes their life (me being one of those people) the people who dont get it or understand it are usally the "cool" kids or kids that have never been bullied/made fun of. All in all, its a great song
Guy1:dude my life sucks

Guy2:here listen to this (puts on thoughtless)

Guy1:wow thats exactly how I feel and for some reason listening to that makes me feel better

Guy2:thats the power of KoRn my friend.
by JerZeyCJ January 01, 2010
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