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The act of prepurchasing a Harry Potter book, or buying it at the midnight sale, Quickly skimming through the book to the end and then slowly driving through the parking lot where hundreds of other Potter fans are waiting to by the book and Shouting out the ending and key plot revelations at the crowd, thus ruining the book for everyone.
The guys who do the Harry Potter driveby are real douchebags, but those Youtube clips sure are funny.
by 07079 January 27, 2009
One who demonstrates smugness at conforming to conservative ideals. Often deriding elements of modernity and change simply because it is outside of the absolutist parameters by which the prig views his surroundings. The prig elevates the artificial constructs of established rules to the point where deviation from these fabrications will be judged as "good" or "bad." Even on superficial matters.
A prig will be the guy in your neighborhood who tries to change town ordinances to prevent his neighbors from building a modern house on the same street as his precious center-hall colonial. Because in his mind, modern design is "bad", and traditional cookie-cutter homes are "good" by virtue of their normality.
by 07079 January 22, 2009
Trendy tee-shirt with humorous, ironic or clever slogan or image.

They tend to be funny the first time you see them, but they are so popular that they are getting played.
Dude, take off that "Vote for Pedro" shirt. That Ironic Tee Shirt was funny like 4 years ago.

by 07079 January 23, 2009
Unsophisticated, pop music meant for unsophisticated teen ears who haven't developed taste yet. Tends to sound all the same with over the top vocal affectations and sung about banal subject matter.
Jonas Brothers and Fallout Boy are examples of bands that specialize in making teen music
by 07079 April 29, 2009
Friendly jibe for a Snowboarder. Often given to snowboarder by a skier buddy.
Skier to Snowboarder: Hey knuckledragger , quit scrapin the snow off the trail.
Snowboarder to Skier: Outta my way 2-planker, snowboarders pwn this mountain.
by 07079 January 14, 2009
What most people call the dialect spoken in Staten Island, Bayonne and parts of Long Island. The actual Northern NJ accent today is a mellowed version of a New York Accent, which in itself has its origins in the original British accent. (As NY was a Tory region for so long.) NYers tend to drop their R's more than NJers but otherwise pronounce words like coffee and talk as (kawfey) and (tawk) And New York like Nu-yawk.)
With So many hundreds of thousands of people moving to and from the NYC metro area every year, The traditional Jersey Accent has all but disappeared.
by 07079 January 23, 2009
NJ's coastline from Sandy Hook to Cape May.
Has lately gotten a bad rap because of MTV's fake, ridiculous show but aside from a handful of Seaside Guidos, has some of the nicest sandy beaches from Maine to the Carolinas.

Also, NJ has the most rigorous ocean water quality testing program in the nation and has the cleanest water in the mid Atlantic Region.

So if the Guido crowd is not for you but you still want to a great beach to take your family than check out:
-Sandy Hook
-Ocean Grove
-Avon by the Sea
-Belmar (weekdays)
-Seaside Park (Yeah Really)
-Island Beach
-Long Beach Island
-Stone harbor
-Cape May
The Jersey Shore: Now with less Guido!
by 07079 June 09, 2010
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