a person with a very big head that thinks hes a cop that drives a red piece of shit car.
look at that goil in that car.
by quank May 04, 2005
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The mixture of Gasoline and specific Oil for two stroke internal combustion engines. Provides lubrication for the engine as there is no oil sump.

Typical mixture ratios are 16:1 and 32:1, even up to 100:1. Two stroke engines are found in a various lawn equipment, scooter, jetski, etc

The oil is burned along with the gasoline making high exhaust emissions, plumes of smoke, and a nice smell.
"Hey asshole, pass me that goil so I can fill up my weed-eater and edge my damn yard."

"Miguel, is the goil ratio 64:1 or 32:1?"
by Doopdoops July 10, 2008
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A outbreak of intestinal gas that stinks of the butt.
Gary! stop releashing the goils!
Been droppin those goils?
by Boko the Chocobo November 22, 2010
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