The action of delaying an assignment until the day night before it's due. The following night will be spend writing at supersonic speed, but it's going to be finished no matter what. This action is super stressful for most average folks, and requires a special kind of mental to pull of successfully.
Bro 1: Bro 2, I really don't wanna do SOP right now.
Bro 2: Don't worry about it. You can just pull of a Johs.
by Doooeh December 15, 2021
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A greeting. Similar to "Yo!" Can also be used to agree to something.

Often used in context with juh
Person: "This exam is going to be the worst thing I have ever written"
You: "Joh"

Friend walks in the room
You: "JOH!" or "Whats up joh!"
by Bex and Sky April 21, 2008
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is very book smart but has no common sense nor direction, prideful, hard-headed, will lie to please you...basically a bullshitter
Don't be Joh and pull out you GPS
by mj2se February 7, 2010
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A smart, nice handsome guy that is a god at rainbow six siege
Damn look at that handsome guy! What a Johs!
by JohsDaPro March 15, 2018
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Jack Off Hair. When a girl has long silky hair....
Hey Keith, that girl has some serious JOH...
by CCW II February 20, 2009
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Johs, it is a Godly being of all might and power. If you dare defy him, he shall send you to the shadow realm
I am a johs
by Avacadodo October 17, 2019
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misspelled name of josh. josh’s usually use this name for the fuck of it.
johs? ohh johs.
by Johs Simn November 22, 2021
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