On of the two basic types of people in the world. Johnsons are decent people that generally mind their own business but are always ready to offer help to anyone who needs it without judgment or reservation.
An expression first used by Jack Black in the memoir “You Can’t Win” and later referenced in the novels of William S. Burroughs. See also: Johnsons and Shits and Johnsons.
by William Lee January 23, 2004
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n. 1. slang for Penis
1.Bona Fide Ride
Step Aside My Johnson
Yes I Could In The Woods Of Wisconsin.

2. That boy has got a huge Johnson.
by Gregory Rice April 03, 2005
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1.A dick
2.Your penis
My johnson was so far up her pussy last night.
That MILF makes my johnson rock hard
by TerminalNig August 20, 2011
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Slang for penis. Meet the SLANG NAME Johnson family.

Anita Johnson = "I need a johnson", ie, a woman who needs to get laid really bad.

Annie Johnson = "Any Johnson" = I'll take any johnson I can get.

Emma Johnson = "I'm a johnson" = a "woman" who is REALLY a man.

Harry Johnson = "hairy johnson" = a guy who doesn't trim his bush.

Johnson & Johnson = 2 guys hunting for pussy or 2 gay guys, depending on the context.

Lisa Johnson = "lease a johnson" = a woman who hires male prostitutes.

Max Johnson = super huge penis, or man who has one.

Sarah Johnson = "Is there Johnson (around here)?" = a woman hunting for cock.

Sharon Johnson = "sharin' johnson" = a chick who likes to have more than one penis in her at the same time. Alias Sharon Cox or Sharon Peters.

Adam Johnson - Paedophile
Have fun at the Johnson family reunion this summer!
Adam Johnson and Ched Evans in a park, run
by $ammyT July 16, 2016
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Ve cut it off.

(I say, "Ve cut off your Johnson!")

Zen ve stomp on it and sqvish it.
"I need my fucking Johnson."
"What do you need that for, Dude?"
by Memphis Jay March 07, 2008
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