dude when I heard they had cancelled the gig, I was bleak.
Hey,stop your whining, you are making me bleak
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
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when the out come is very doubtful
and or
the thing desribed is extremely boring
yeah tomorrow's weather looks bleak
Curse bleak family reunions
by danf November 27, 2004
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when a girl is on her period and she needs a code word for leaking too much blood.
"sis, idk how much im bleaking rn!!"
by somille March 6, 2020
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Used colloquially as the opposite of On Fleekderived from the root word being 'Bleak' which means : charmless, inhospitable and dreary. Can be used to describe the weather I.e a cold and miserable day or just basically anything that is bland and or depressing. Anything that is not good, sucks balls you get the point.
Yo! Did you catch that last episode of GOT that shit was 'On Bleak'!

"OMG did you see what that bitch was wearing?! 'On Bleak' AF!
by Celina18 May 23, 2015
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-To have your mind altered by marijuana and meth-amphetamine.
ey whats up man,What are you doing??

Im Bleaked!!


Ya blown and tweaked!!
by Michael Rurka April 13, 2011
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The sensation whilst in a state of ill-being (suffering from fever or other illness) of being unable to fall asleep though at the same time not being fully awake. The mind reels blending distorted dream with reality; the two merge resulting in an uncontrollable descent into a state of temporary madness
Dude, I was bleaking so fucking hard last night..
by Doobit May 12, 2014
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