Joe Jonas has had a negative impact on the world around him, not rivaled since Hanson and Hitler. And Danny Bonaduce. And Bob Saget. And no one can forget Barbara Streisand.

Sting, Mick Jagger, NATHAN EXPLOSION (despite being a non-existant cartoon), Billy Idol and Freddie Mercury (despite being dead), Kate Pierson of the B-52s (with her beehive hairdo alone), the corpes of Napoleon and Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, the whole rat pack, Chris Farley and Danny Devito, Devo, Dick Clark (even in his current post-stroke state), Christopher Reeve (despite being a dead, paralyzed man) could all find ways to kick his ass numerous times in a row.
Jonas is a douche
I would like to kick his ass
Jonas is a douche


iii)Joe can go dig a hole and die in it.
by Jesu H. Christo July 11, 2008
Joe Jonas (or Joseph Adam Jonas) is the second son in the brood of four. He sings lead vocals along with brother Nick, and occasionally Kevin. Joe is known for his mad tambourine skills, but also plays guitar.
Joe is the "cute, funny one." Joe is very hyper,super-energetic,crazy,loud,outgoing and silly and just a lot of fun to be around. He is known for being the one to crack everyone up, often with random comments or his infamous raps (Jacketz, Muffin Man, etc.). Although he is mostly known for being super-silly, he's also a big sweetheart and a gentelman.
Joe's nickname is Danger, with good reason. He has been known to trip and fall, and climb on dangerously tall things (he is very very very clumsy!). He's notorious for acting insane, talking without thinking, randomly taping himself along with his brothers and posting in on youtube. He's also very adventurous and all around, just a really great guy.
Joe Jonas? You meen DJ DANGER!
by Mrs. DJ Danger March 11, 2009
Referred to as a "scrub" during the 2007 AMAs, when he ironically fell on broken glass... during a song about falling on broken glass.

A hot piece of ass.

The boyfriend of Maya Chapman.
"Dang, did you see that fool get pwnd into the ground? Hes such a joe jonas!"

"Did you see Maya today? I wish I was Joe Jonas!"
by Joe Wentz December 16, 2007
A man out of the pop trio 'The Jonas Brothers'. He’s starred in Camp Rock 1&2 and has voice acted for several movies. Many people think he’s a total hottie! Joe also formed band DNCE which has multi-platinum hit ‘Cake By The Ocean’. He is married to Sophie Turned.
Wow he’s definitely a Joe Jonas!
by joe adam jonas June 27, 2020
A very hot, sexy lead singer of the band Jonas Brothers and will go solo in the near future. Known as a HUGE heart breaker, breaking up with T-Swift and Demi Lovato. He's an incredible singer who always seems to have a joner (Jonas Boner) in all of his pictures- BUT its just because of his 12 inch penis.
Have you seem Joe Jonas in that picture? He has a big joner.
by FluffyTheJonasLover July 22, 2010
His full name is Joseph Adam Jonas. He was born on August 15, 1989. He has 3 brothers, Kevin, Nick, & Frankie. He was born to Paul Kevin Jonas & Denise Marie Miller in Casa Grande, Arizona. He is in a band called The Jonas Brothers. A lot of people hate on them, because they are a boy band. But when I facebook their lyrics a lot of people like it, so that juss shows that they actually do have good songs. Joe has done a little solo project as did Nick, his brother. But Joe's voice has hanged by so much. It's no longer a little Jonas voice. Its a Joe matured rock star voice. He is becoming more famous by every minute. *He has recently married. Chrizman Richelle Siddens is her name. She's a girl from Indiana. She actually is a fan, & always have been since the start. She is Joe's wife because she is the only one who understands & loves him for him & doesn't juss take advantage of his money. Now it's juss up to him to see what he has in store for the future.
Joe Jonas has juss won a award!
by Mrs.JosephJonas101 June 14, 2011
Love, anything to do with or concern with love. The opposite of Leonardo Di Caprio
by joewinsleolooses January 19, 2009