Brother of Nick, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas. Member of the Jonas Brothers. Destined to go solo one day. He makes the tambourine so sexy. Reigns from my home state of new jersey, which obviously makes him even more awesome. He makes tight pants look good. He's notorious for acting insane, talking without thinking, randomly taping himself along with his brothers and posting in on youtube. He used to rock the "joehawk" (Mohawk). He's known for his raps about "jacketz" and "girls" and reallly bad ass jokes. His voice and his bod makes any girl melt. He's pretty much amazing.
I was at a Jonas Brothers concert and I saw Joe Jonas playing his tambourine and singing, and when he ripped his shirt open I stopped breathing because he just makes you go "OH BABY!".
by BonusJonas January 3, 2008
person 1:hey did u see joe jonas on tv
person 2: oh you mean the sexiest beast ever
by lovealex710 July 11, 2008
Member of the greatest band ever- the JONAS BROTHERS
He's from New Jersey, and has 3 brothers- Nick (15), Kevin (20), and Frankie (7)

His full name is Joseph Adam Jonas
Before becoming a musician he wanted to be a comedian.
Enjoys running.
Favorite drink: orange Gatorade
Favorite Sport: Wiffel Ball.
Was born in Casa Grande, Arizona, grew up in Wyckoff New Jersey and now resides in Los Angeles.
Became home-schooled in 7th grade.
Collected G.I. Joe action figures and pens as a child.
His favorite movie is School For Scoundrels.
Favorite sport is soccer.
His favorite school subject is math.
His favorite author is Dr. Seuss.
His favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.

Obviously he is the best looking and most talented Jonas Brother. He has the biggest package I've ever seen. The BIGGEST jonas brother- if you know what i'm saying ;)Clearly they most idolized package in the world. He makes headbands and tambourines sexy. Makes girls melt when he sings. He is slightly clumsy at times but it makes girls love him even more. He has the best personality. Makes tight pants look good. He is so dangerous that he uses umbrella's inside- also known as DJ Danger. He is known for acting crazy and saying ridiculous things- HE IS HILARIOUS. Makes funy videos with his brothers on youtube.Known for his sexy "joehawk". MAKES GIRLS MELT WITH HIS KILLER BOD. HOTTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET.
"hey joe will you bang, i mean hang with me?"

"hey joe wanna mate, i mean date?"

"sex me now joe... did i just say that out loud?"

"he's HUGE...that's NICE"

"JOE JONAS IS MINE. back off biznatch."
by mrs. joe jonas January 21, 2008
the most perfect couple ever to come to life
DESTINY meant to be
joe is definetly should be with jaimie and not taylor swift
jaimie lor joe jonas most perfect couple ever
by omjj September 1, 2008
Define as:

A sexy beast.
Great singer.
In the most awesum band ever.
Loved by millions.
He has a purity ring.
Favorite Colors are blue and Purple.
Birthday is august 15th.
He has awesome hair.
Skinny jeans look hot on him.
He wears awesome glasses.
Plays tambourine, and does awesum vocals for the jonas brothers.
has 3 other brothers, kevin, nick, and Frankie.
Also known as DJ DANGER.
He falls a lot, very clumsy, which makes him even cuter.
He isn't into himself - not stuck up.
Makes youtube videos.
He is a goof ball. :
Girl 1: Have you heard of the jonas brothers? who is your favorite?
Girl 2: Definitely Joe Adam Jonas!
Girl 1: oh, you mean DJ DANGER?
by Joe Adam Jonas Addict August 1, 2008
Wearing way to tight of pants
Joe Jonas is always wearing to tight of pants.

James:Dude stop pulling a joe Jonas you look gay
Mark:sorry man
by Example Steve December 30, 2014