One of the worst, most terrible movies ever.
Only popular because Disney takes ideas that worked well (High School Musical), and suck them dry until just mentioning the idea makes people cringe.
Also popular because the Jonas Brothers "starred" in it (actually JOE starred in it and the other two were only in for like ten minutes of the movie).
by Luigi > Mario July 11, 2008
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A movie that contains the following:

-Atrocious acting skills

-Horrible music/soundtrack

-Painfully overused "stars"

-A crappy, over-predictable, unoriginal plot (some girl goes to camp an falls in love with a guy...God forbid that Disney doesn't mention love!)

-The ability to somehow screw up the minds of teenage girls (a lot of Disney's crap has this ability nowadays :|)

This list could extend for hours, but to put it bluntly... It's just another one of Disney's garbage productions. It did what Twilight did to literature, it did what the Jonas Brothers did to music and it
Stephanie (Camp Rock fangirl): OMgZz!!1! CAmP ROcK IZz TeH BESt MOveeIE EVER!!!1!

Anton (Neutral on the subject): *shrugs* say what you will...I don't really have a comment...Some of it sucked, but other parts i found to be OK at best

John (Camp Rock hater): Seriously?...Camp Rock?...It sucked, I wonder how our teacher could have rented that crap

Stephanie: WTTtTFFfFZZzzZ!!!!!1!!eleven!1 ThAAt WasSS thE BEsT MOOviEeE EvARR!!!! IT hAD THe JONaS BRotHErss IN iT ANd THe ACTinGZ WUs SooOOOo GoOD!!1!

John: No, it just sucked...No questions asked
by MegadethFan345 February 9, 2010
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One of Disney's worst movies ever for 5 specific reasons:

1. A overly predictable and cliched plot taking too much from High School Musical.

2. Cliched stereotypes like the blonde diva, the burnette outsider, and the cute but cocky pop star who is spoiled but changes.

3. No real rock music (there's is a universal form of Rock music that just guitar solos and how loud it is.) but bubblegum pop and lip-synching and worst of all, no instrument playing.

4. The great way to mask the realities of rock music (mostly sex and drugs, but that generic) to make sure their target audience are safe using the Jonas Brothers and unoriginal stars.

5. Disney has finally losing its originality and growing on greed and plot formulas from their past shows and movies.

If you want to see a real rock and roll movie see "Rock & Rule" or better yet "Almost Famous". Avoid it like the plague. Don't fall into the band wagon.
Realistic Boy: What's your favorite rock movie?
Stereotypical Girl: Camp Rock. What's yours?
Realistic Boy: Rock & Rule and Almost Famous.
Stereotypical Girl: WTF?!
by Tarrank February 13, 2010
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Proof that Disney needs to feed on children's souls to survive.
Watch Camp Rock for your soul
by Ikin September 2, 2008
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by C IZZLEG22 July 11, 2008
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A disney Channel original movie featuring the Jonas brothers, and introducing Alyson Stoner: who plays Caitlyn, Demi Lovato: who plays Mitchie, Jasmine Richards: Who plays Margret Dupree etc. The two main characters, Shane Gray (Who's played by Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Who's played by Demi Lovato) meet one another at a camp, where Shane starts out as a jerk. She brings him back to his normal self that he was before he got famous. A movie about finding yourself, and not lying about who you really are.
"You're the voice I hear inside my head. The reason that I'm singing I need to find you. I gotta find you." - Shane Gray to his 'mystery girl'

"This is real, this is me, I'm exactly where I'm suposed to be now." - Demi Lovato

"You're going to Camp rock!" - Mitchies mom.

Mitchie: C'mon, I know you're not a jerk.
Shane: Being a jerk is just living up to the rockstar image
Mitchie: Are you still looking for you're mystery girl?
Shane: Why? Are you jealous?
Mitchie: Jerk. But the screaming girls seem to like you.
Shane: Which brings me back to the jealous thing.
Mitchie: I was wrong, you are a jerk :)
Shane: :O

by geostiigma July 11, 2008
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A Disney Channel T.V. movie that stars newcomer Demi Lovato and the platinum selling recording group- the Jonas Brothers. It premieres on Disney Channel on June 20. It is based on a girl who desperatley wants to go to Camp Rock, but can only attend if she works in the kitchen. She is over-heard by star Shane Gray and he falls in love with her voice and tries to figure out who she is.
"I am so excited for Camp Rock! It's going to be the best movie ever!!!"
by Madeline M. [peace] May 28, 2008
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