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Leader of a group of gaming assholes. Plays any game with PvP and typically leads a pack of ruthless asshats with him. Always known for saying "Fuck yea TEst! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"
Person 1: Have you met Jodo yet?
Person 2: Yea. He's a real cockmongler.
by Not Jodo October 12, 2008
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The inevitable post masturbation nap. As in- jack off, doze off.
Got home from work early today and had myself a nice jodo.
by Unique123 October 10, 2012
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Jack Off Doors Open

Typically in Bays or Dormitories where there is a requirement to have the doors open during certain periods of the day. Members masturbate in their room with the doors open The goal is to not get caught by people traversing through the corridors and happening to look into your room and see you playing JODO or jodo'ing.

JODO can be used as verb, noun, and pretty much in any way that grammatically makes sense.
"The next JODO Tournament will be during the SAMI"

"We are going to hit up Club JODO tonight!"

"Did you hear about Frank? He got caught JODO'ing and is now getting an indecent exposure violation"
by Ineffable November 03, 2012
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One whom is obsessed with saying *I am a Roarasaurus.Roar!*.Also can mean large penis.but preferable deffinition is previously stated.
I am like so Jodo today.
Hey kid, your acting like a jodo this morning.
I drank soo much milk i feel like jodo.
by Mayurax December 20, 2006
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jodo is a post-padder at all of the sites he frequents, like,, and other Star Wars fan sites. He is usually a pain in the rear but everyone can't help but like him.

He got his name from "Jodo Kast", a Mandalorian bounty hunter from the Expanded Universe. Essencially he is a Boba Fett wanna-be.
Just look around at Vurknet and GH, you will have all the example you could ever want.
by someone December 13, 2004
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this word from blue coller meaning "you don't"
mom: i do know somethin
dad: jodo know nuttin
by Unique April 15, 2005
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