A loud(and quiet), emotional, girl that will make you smile at any time of the day. She's the cutest little unicorn you will ever meet. She's highly intelligent, smart, and her knowledge of netflix shows will blow you of of the water. She's the type of girl that con comfort you in almost any situation, be there for you, stand up for you, laugh with you, get mad if the word "you" is repeated 24/7, She's someone you never want to loose, but that impossible because she will never loose you.
"OMG Jocelynn you look amazing today!" said by her friend
by the slave wizard January 27, 2017
Jocelynn is probably your best friend let’s be honest. She is so caring and has a little girl vibe but at the same time the most mature person ever. She makes you laugh at everything and being around her can make your mood go from 0-100. She’s also the type of person you have a strong urge to take pictures with because she’s so beautiful. She has the BEST music sense (even if her favorite songs are from 2012) and can get you addicted to a band in less than a night. She brings love, joy and everything good into your life. She’s a blessing and if you have a jocelynn in your life your the luckiest person ever.
Dude 1 “Man I got some ugly knees”
Dude 2 “me too bro! I wish I had knees like Jocelynn’s. Hers a hella fine🤤
Jocelynn: guys I know my knees are sexy give me space *hair flip* * sachets away*
by A girl with sum cute knees February 13, 2019
The cutest girl ever, exotic, incredible- words cannot describe her. No other girl can come close to being like her, she is unique, and that is what is loved about her. She has a tendency to be amazingly beautiful in any situation, at any given moment, no matter what. But most importantly of all, and probably the hardest to describe, is she so special. Special to me. And thats what really matters.
"Wow Jocelynn, you are just so AMAZING!" said Josh, as she has probably heard many times before.
by asfdlhas;kljgh May 7, 2011
The most amazing and beautiful girl you will ever meet, she is an amazing friend and will always make you smile no matter what type of mood you are in. She will always be there for you and is never annoying. If you get the chance to be friends, take it, because if you do you will love every second of it and you might fall in love.
Jeff- “Bro I so want to ask out Jocelynn”
John- “Do it bro, she is perfect for you and she is loyal”
by you will be doctor now February 22, 2019
A light skin giraffe(very tall) and needs a new hair style, thats it.
OMG IS THAT JOCELYNN, she is so tall, and why does she always have her hair in a bun?
by babyguraffe May 26, 2022
Is the most beautiful woman in the world. Someone who is very loyal and dedicated. Someone who will always be there for you when you need her. Jocelynn is very smart and honorable in her studies. She is very wise and knowledgeable. She is very honest and is someone who does not tolerate fake people or attitudes. She is very mature for her age. The best Jocelynn is an Aeries.
Blake: “Look there’s Jocelynn.”
John: “She’s fine
by November 23, 2021
She is mean and she is very disrespectful and has a attitude problem but she does make you giggle every now and then. She likes to peek through {winders} for fun so make sure to close your blinds. But i wouldn’t trade her for nothing :)
by Anaya717 February 12, 2019