Joanie- a super nice, athletic person. Who always makes sure everyone is happy. She is the opposite of selfish. Extremely supportive and caring. Usually blonde hair and super beautiful. And does anything for a friend. She doesn’t ever try to get attention. But be careful she is very competitive!! If you are lucky enough to meet one cherish all the time you can. She is probably the coolest person ever. And is basically perfect.
The only right name to anatheletic nice caring person is Joanie.
by Blahlaba December 29, 2017
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She’s a lesbian. She loves pissing people off because she doesn’t like them. Everyone is stupid for her. She’s always horny. She’s very athletic. She loves basketball. She doesn’t know her left from her right. She works at McDonalds. She’s only been working for two days and she’s already sick of it. She sleeps with her eyes open. She’s an ass person. She doesn’t know when to stfu. She’s good at touching her girlfriend’s thighs lol. She smokes weed with her mom. She’s an idiot sometimes. She’s doesn’t have a dad and Mariana doesn’t stop making fun of her for that. She’s very nice most of the time. She’s hilarious. She can’t listen to “her friend” when she speaks so she just goes “mhm” and then kisses her lol. She likes arguing because she’s always right. She has big boobs. She feels personnally attacked when Maeva insults her. She didn’t know that Koreans see the same way as everyone else. She forgot that black also exist out of Africa. She cares alot about people she loves/likes. She doesn’t mind buying mariana des chocolatines cause she’s broke asf. She has a pretty laugh. She’s there for people she cares about. She has really soft and pretty hair. Her hands look amazing on “her friend’s” ass. She has a small head. Everyone wants to be Joanie.
a girl: “Wanna fuck
Joanie: “Yesss
by littlehoe02 November 22, 2021
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N. The female companion of a chach (alt. choch or chotch).
Dude. Joanie loves chachie.
by Haff November 12, 2010
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Joani is a girl who is pretty and kind. People name Joani are short and love reading manga. They can kick you down/knock you out because their so strong! Joani is strong and likeable for her amazing personality. She is athletic and good in science, and social studies but not very well in math.
Person 1: Dude what happened to your back? There's a footprint!
Person 2: Oh, Joani just kick my back really hard.
Person 1: Hah!
by joaniisveryshortoh June 26, 2013
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joanie is a very loyal person.. you can count on her whenever. she always there when you need someone, coolest n realist female you’ll ever meet no cap. her actions speak louder then words. never cap. gets madddddd very easily. goofy. nd anything you ask for inna female .
joanie was heree😝
by jusdatkid November 3, 2019
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He's a Joany
by KaiLai November 29, 2018
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a woman who moans nonstop during sex.
Tony: Last night I fucked a moany Joanie for two hours.
by LaLaLander17 March 2, 2009
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