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Mariana is a Best friend she will always be there for you when your sad or mad. She is a good girlfriend. She has a deep crush but doesn't want admit it. She is shy caring intelligent. She usually has brown hair brown eyes. She is one of the most beautiful girls ever. When she is sad she will hold it in. And when she is happy she will let it out. She loves her friends and cares for them.
Mariana is kind.
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by @zzz November 14, 2019
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Mariana is a girl who is hard to make fall in love it’s not that easy. She could look mean at first but she’s soooo nice in the inside. Look at her eyes you will fall for her you will feel butterflies all around your stomach. She got a grate mood she knows how to dress. She will stay updated on you 24/7 if your her best friend. She would never let one of her friends kill theme selfs . She could show you so much love hug,play around,call you short

Some people may say she’s Bisexual but she’s straight. She got those perfect lips,eyebrows,eyes that will make you love her . She’s really funny but. She doesn’t fuck with fake ass bitches she will pull up on them and beat any bitch that fucks with her. She will make you feel special but she could be a bitch sometimes just to make you laugh .
Mariana - Hot awesome funny and won’t let you down
by EmilyAlcantar2006 December 26, 2019
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She is a nice, loving, caring, sweet, smart asf, loyal,strong, outgoing,goofy,weird,unique,funny, gorgeous,zestful,rare,outstanding, determined,kind-hearted,amazing,youthful,extraordinary, remarkable person you’ll know.She has an amazing personality.She might not show her emotions a lot but she does a little bit.She is an angle, she will be there for you when you need her, you’ll never regret the day you meet her.She’s quiet too, she’ll show her true self when you’re close to her.She likes to play sports.She’ll change your life in her own way.
Who are you dating”?
by Bob aka Emely May 02, 2019
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A beautiful, amazing girl with many insecurities, so patience is key when talking to her. Eventually she will open up, sometimes, and reveal a smart, caring, girl that likes to party and be crazy. She has a beautiful voice and plays instruments very well. She also has a great taste in music and sleeps a lot. Also, she has a great body
Friend: Dude, look at that girl walking by!
You: oh yeah, that's Mariana!
by maplewoods09 November 05, 2019
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Mariana is a sweet loving person that has a kind heart. She loves being with her friends and is a very good friend. She is there for you know matter what you are facing and a call or text from her can brighten your whole day. She is very beautiful and has long hair. She is a fun person to be around and everyone wants to be her friend.
Mariana is so kindhearted.
by Tacoboutdance March 24, 2020
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