Mariana is a quiet but loving person. She knows just how to brighten up your day and makes you feel like the most important person in the world to her. She has many talents and great features to her that’s more than just physically. If you ever find a Mariana treat her like your world because I promise you she’ll do everything she can to make you the happiest person and no matter the situation she’s always going to make you her number one priority. If you have found one like I have don’t ever let go of her because she has so much to offer and it really encourages you to become better for her. Fellas trust me when I say Mariana will be the most beautiful and caring person to you in your life. Her shy smile, beautiful eyes, adorable personality will bring out the softy in you. No matter how tough you think you are she’ll bring out the baby in you because you wanna baby her and her sweet soft voice will sound so angelic to you. Wife her up because you probably don’t deserve her but if she chose you then you’ve just been blessed by god.
I love you Mariana.
by Crissy1746 November 23, 2020
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Mariana is the girl you always wanted but can never have, she's very shy and introverted. She looks like an angel with her fox eyes, beautiful smile, brown long hair and amazing fashion sense. Don't let her doll-like features fool you tho, Mariana is very distant and cold if you're not the special person she wants to be with. She will always brighten up your day without even realizing it. Be gentle with Mariana, she's very sensitive even if she doesn't show it to everyone. Mariana is perfect
Me: Hey do you know Mariana?
You: Yes, Ofc, everybody is after her but she doesn't even talk to anyone
by Artistic idiot February 20, 2021
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A beautiful, amazing girl with many insecurities, so patience is key when talking to her. Eventually she will open up, sometimes, and reveal a smart, caring, girl that likes to party and be crazy. She has a beautiful voice and plays instruments very well. She also has a great taste in music and sleeps a lot. Also, she has a great body
Friend: Dude, look at that girl walking by!
You: oh yeah, that's Mariana!
by maplewoods09 November 5, 2019
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She is a nice, loving, caring, sweet, smart asf, loyal,strong, outgoing,goofy,weird,unique,funny, gorgeous,zestful,rare,outstanding, determined,kind-hearted,amazing,youthful,extraordinary, remarkable person you’ll know.She has an amazing personality.She might not show her emotions a lot but she does a little bit.She is an angle, she will be there for you when you need her, you’ll never regret the day you meet her.She’s quiet too, she’ll show her true self when you’re close to her.She likes to play sports.She’ll change your life in her own way.
Who are you dating”?
by Bob aka Emely May 3, 2019
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Mariana is a sweet loving person that has a kind heart. She loves being with her friends and is a very good friend. She is there for you know matter what you are facing and a call or text from her can brighten your whole day. She is very beautiful and has long hair. She is a fun person to be around and everyone wants to be her friend.
Mariana is so kindhearted.
by Tacoboutdance March 24, 2020
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Mariana is a sweet kind girl she is shy but when u get to know her she won't be that shy. She usually has brown hair brown eyes she is smart intellingent caring person she is there for u when u are sador mad or feeling anything. When she is sad she will hold it in but when she is happy she wil let is all out. If Marianna is a friend or a girlfriend of yours shes a ceeper.
dang Mariana is nice.
by @zzz November 14, 2019
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