She is the most awesomenest person you will ever meet..no joke! She is very sensative, smart, loves sports, and likes to hang out with friends. She hates fake bitches and is looking for a guy who is nice and isn't afraid of asking her out. If you ever meet a Mariana you are so dayumm lucky!!
"who were you talking to?
"Dayumm your so lucky!"

special girl
good in bed
by beast in bed19 April 10, 2009
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The funniest, prettiest, coolest, smartest, most awesome person ever. She pwns you at school with a 3.9 GPA, pwns you at video games having beaten Paper Mario 2 six times, pwns you at awesomeness with her existence, and just pwns kthnx. She has no life, but that's okay, because her awesomeness makes up for it. She makes her friends lol on a regular basis, because she's cool like that. She's crazy and basically nothing scares her. She also hates surprises, so don't even try it.
by Breanna19 December 20, 2008
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Amazing, wonderful, beautiful chick. Mariana's are very giggly, funny, and fun-loving. They are extremely ticklish and smell very nice. They are also secretly defiant (they usually have dyed hair, piercings, or a unique fashion sense). You must always approach a Mariana first because they will rarely approach you. Mariana's have killer eyes and a beautiful smile/laugh. They have unique interests and laugh at your passions but secretly admire, respect, and adore you. Be sure to stay close to them because they tend to be cold all the time and need your warmth and affection. Talk to them about deep intimate thoughts and stories; they love that shit.
Me: Hey, Mariana!
Mari: (laughs)
Me: Why, what's up?
Mari: Your face, goddammit! (laughs)
by Fuck Love, Snort Drugs November 24, 2012
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a person who writes everything that happens in his life on the social media
She is so Mariana that ventila los trapos on the internet
by Queenoli July 19, 2018
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ariana and mikey will get married and make the cutest babies every kay bye :)
ariana + mikey= mariana
by ath March 29, 2013
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