A word for "joint", used by arabian immigrants in Germany.
Wenn du das hörst, bau dir 'n Jibbit, schmeck die Nachtluft fahr durch die City! - Haftbefehl
by dingzya February 12, 2011
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A Newfoundland term, which is synonymous to “beat up” or “messy” or “destroyed”
The cat got at the Christmas tree and it was jibbited
by Bologny_bandit December 2, 2021
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"oh fuck it all"
FLIPPITY JIBBITS used in situations where swearing is unacceptable, IE work, around children etc

when something goes wrong, breaks, stuffs up etc
FLIPPTY JIBBITS I just kicked my frikin toe

FLIPPITY JIBBITS that stupid photocopier has jammed again
by monkeybutt123 March 9, 2011
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The highest form of swearing imaginable. Every curse word you want to yell in a horrible situation.;
Claude is homosexual.
Flibberty Jibbits! I stubbed my toe!

Flibberty Jibbits!
by Scribbie February 15, 2009
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If you are obligated to drink as a consequence of a drinking game, use the JIBBIT-Joker to smoke a Joint instead. The joint must contain a minimum of 0.5-1g of pure cannabis. You may use this Joker once a day, no more.
I lost at Kingscup?! I am going to use my JIBBIT-Joker
by Emma F. March 30, 2022
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slang for crazy or funny charecter.
yo son i want my mony jibbits!!!
by manur3 February 7, 2009
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A verb "bring" in past tense in arabic dialects. Also used by arabic immigrants in Germany and means "joint"
- Inta jibbit hashish li?

- Eywa asahbi. Huwa fi siyarti
(Did you bring hashish for me?

Yes, my friend. It's in my car)
by purple_haz_e December 1, 2016
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