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A schmeck is a small whiff, ie. a portion of food so small it's barely enough to smell... the full phrase is "schmeck and a lech"... a portion of food so small it's barely a smell and lick.
The chocolate mousse dessert was good but at $12 it shoulda been more than a schmeck and a lech.
by Uncle Incest September 12, 2008
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Gay motherfucker, frequently the object of affection of the men of Boston. Frequently plays with PuBEs.
"Yah, I know Schmeck, I used to do him up the ass." -Job
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
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n. an ancient and mysterious word discovered in 1903 by Welsh anthropologists. The meaning of the word is unclear, but scholars have made assumptions from it's pronunciation.

1. The act of sexual intercourse

2. A cheap form of candy
3. A combination of the two, cheap sex.
Ex 1- Guy: Man, I need the schmecks

Ex 2- Girl: I'm really craving some schmecks

Ex 3- Prostitute: Hey baby, you lonely? I got the schmecks you need.
by ikeapsychology February 10, 2012
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