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A Jib Jab is a young man who has sucked on a flavored condom. Then feels bad at his Bi-Curious feelings
Will its ok to be a Jib Jab it's 2018
by Danger Lamb May 06, 2018
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a language usually used when a person is intoxocated, talkin trash, or just has no idea what he or she is talking about. 80% of the time jib jab is followed by an ass whoppin.
Man, that boy was talkin that jib jab last night. He almost got his ass beat.
by Quintin Lewis January 15, 2006
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A witty video making internet company that gained world wide acclaim with their rendition of "This Land is Our Land" featuring George W. Bush and that France loving, ball gag wearing surrender monkey John Fing Kerry. It was posted so frequently to internet message boards that the phrase "jib jab" came to mean "this has already been posted 37 times you melvin asshat."
New thread: Great funny new video about the election!

Reply 1: Jib Jab

Reply 2 (By thread initiator): What is Jib Jab?

Reply 3: Jib Jab is Jib Jab you jib jab jib jabber! JIB JAB!
by Fugu January 11, 2005
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a slang word for a joint or spliff or a j or a hoorah
man we smoked a fatty bodaddy jibjab last night then i banged some skeez and blew my nut milk all over her funbags!
by zach durocher April 12, 2007
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The position in which a monkey is held while a siberian wolf hound pummels his chin
Ooooh Haaa Haaa Heee Heee.... OOOOF
by Sourbread February 02, 2005
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