(sucky sucky)

you want numba one fucky? 15 dorrar each

15 dorrar too beaucoup, 5 dorrar!

no, 15 dorrar

15 dorrar, beaucoup money, 5 dorrar

ok 5 dorrar you give me
by arvn pimp October 21, 2009
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The best service that Asian prostitutes will give you for five dollars.
For five dollar, hot Asian babe give my wang good sucky sucky. And I like it so much I give her 100 dollar for complete service.
by urban pervert June 18, 2003
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slang (noun) intense oral stimulation of the genitals; (alt defin)deep sensuous erotic kissing of the genitals.
*see fellatio and cunnilingus.
My girlfriend tore off my pants and gave me some sucky sucky.

Guys ought to know when a girl's got her legs spread out, she wants to get some sucky sucky.

by b dub June 16, 2003
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When you are addicted to some kind of candy, and go as far as to steal it from your cubicle neighbors closed desk drawer for the awesome pleasure it provides.
Scoma likes to steal the little tan yummies from Kosmo for a little afternoon sucky sucky with Werther's Original.
by JtotheBizzi January 11, 2006
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What asian women call giving a blow job.
"I sucki sucki you long time."
by Priiiiick December 23, 2005
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either meaning "will you give me oral pleasure?" or "do you want to recieve oral pleasure?" which is a good thing either way like if a man says it to a woman or a woman to a man because those are the only ways I swing.
"would you like a little sucky-sucky?"
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 11, 2003
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