Abbreviation for “joyfriend
The non-binary term to call your partner instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”
“My jf is so cute
by LeafyLever February 11, 2021
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Mandy: 'Oh Jf I have so much to tell you!'

Jessica: 'Jf?'
Mandy: 'Jesus fuck, duh.'
by unicorns March 13, 2015
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Jf is a very hot and nice person he is also very kind but can also be very rude to people he thinks hes weak and that he'll never find the one but he has a very big crush on evelyn and he will do any thing for her but he thinks she finds him ugly he is always depressed and wishes he can change the world by helping others he wishes to get rich so he can give to charity and homeless
by Juice world jf April 27, 2019
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Just f*ckin' sayin'
by Sarabbyx3 October 25, 2011
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I was messing around with that chick last night, but I made sure to let her know we were jf.
by VikingFball July 17, 2006
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JFS-an abbreviation for ‘just five strokes’. Used by impatient males who are sexually frustrated due to high sex drive and sleeping next to a potential sex partner who seems ‘easy’going but won’t ‘easily’give. May be used in the early stages of getting to know someone (typically when she or he starts sleeping over).

Number of passes you are granted,trials, membership, agreement, contract are subjective depending on the holder. In some situations, JFS may be upgraded to JTS-just ten strokes- if initiator(usually the male) wants more, tries to push the boundaries or to con the other(usually female) into giving him more or possibly the full coitus.
AX: Hey, are you ready?
JH: No I’m not. You know that
AX: JFS. Please
JH: 😕 Fine, but you know you are just torturing yourself right?
AX: JFS, that’s all I ask for
JH: Okay, but you have to stick to your words

Five minutes later

JH: your JFS trial ended today. Please try again in 24 hours or wait for the unknown release date for the full premium service. Also note that unsolicited extra strokes may lead to penalty of my choice or also prevent you from subscribing again in the future. Or may even result in termination. Thanks for your patience.
by Prune_eggie February 8, 2021
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