jfs stands for 'just friggin sexy'. it will be this years 'lol'.
by Adam & Eliza August 12, 2005
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When you make a "bad decision" while not under the influence of alcohol. Therefore making it "just fucking stupid" decision.
Becky said she made a "bad decison" in hooking up with Rob, however she was not under the influence of alcohol - therefore she is JFS.
by smartass rose March 03, 2010
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a)A phrase that expresses the culture of freeskiing to
eliminate the complication of the sport.
b)A phrase used to tell someone to chill out when skiing
rathering than measuring the wind patterns, precise
weather perdictions, direction of the sunlight,and snow
Matt: "That run looks really fun guys! Do you guys want to try that one?"

Gearhead friend: Ummmm...That run looks a little wind blown. There looks like there is a storm rolling in from the east, that run will be better in the afternoon hours.

Matt: "JFS dude!!"
by Matthew Maul March 16, 2008
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