A female who is seeking attention from and possibly plotting to use someone who is wealthy or otherwise desirable in order to gain status in society.

She is often beautiful and knows it, she uses her looks to her advantage to "lure in" her next victim.

She doesn't enjoy being out of the loop, she very much has to be the center of attention but also doesn't have many real friends because of how shallow she is.

She will do anything and will use anyone to get what she wants. She is interested in the people she's interested in purely as a status symbol and will toss them away and move on when they no longer satisfy what she wants.
"She's such a Jezebel"

"Look at her, flirting with the best dressed guy at the bar. What a Jezebel"

"She used to be my friend but she only wanted to be friends if I'd hook her up with my rich brother. Such a gold-digger Jezebel"
by seriniti_1014 January 30, 2017
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◦ Uses Sex to control

◦ Dresses it’s men in the same clothing and facial hair.( eunuch uniform)
◦ Has its Child learn no manly attributes, to maintain control of it
◦ Devalues and degrades all things you like
◦ Sleeps with siblings partners and cheats
◦ Seeks total control

◦ Discredits Christian values, unless they line up with its perversion
Avails of witchcraft
Jezebel set out to destroy a marriage.
by Maria Paquita June 18, 2020
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A girl who likes to get whamed at every party, and gets pregnant at -16
Thats two fatherless kids, that's two Jezebels
by louij2 April 19, 2015
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Jezebel has beautiful hair,very curious, affectionet, loves to explore, and is assumed to be part donkey, dog, human, pig, vampire, chicken, and cow. She is sexy and always lies in a model pose on a couch. She is rebellious, and will always try and suceed to be number 1.
Look at that Jezebel, she must be a model!
by Puffletopia109 November 14, 2016
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"no, its not belle, belle is a good character. jezebels are not good."
by senso.iboss.client January 31, 2022
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1. Phoenician princess and queen of Israel as the wife of Ahab. According to the Bible, she encouraged idolatry and was ultimately killed by Jehu. 2. A woman who is regarded as evil and scheming.
Bernard: "I can't believe Paula misused her friends so that she could get a job - without thanking or paying us for all our work. After she promised us that she would." Errol: "What a jezebel!"
by Mr. DL November 19, 2013
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A kind hearted person who cares about people she trusts and has beautiful green eyes. She is an amazing beautiful young woman who likes plucking eyebrows.
Look its Jezebelle a Wonderful person whp brings sunshine to my day.
by Jayden L July 3, 2019
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