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A god among men. Extremely handsome and Kind. The huge penis is a bonus.
Look at that guy over there. He looks fly. He must be a Jehu.
by BBBBooopppp May 17, 2016
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The act of inserting garlic and onions into a urethra.This act can be performed on different sexes and species.It originated in france in 1990 when the fasion for underground fetish clubs was to insert vegetables of that region into different sexual orifices.Grand Master Gano was the first to try when his mother inserted an asperin and a leak into his anus.
Dave:Your mum asked me to give her a Jehu last night!

Tom:Shut the fuck up dude!

Dave:I obliged happily,she said the chilli peppers stung!
by Bob Hendrix August 24, 2006
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A misspelled version of the word Jesus
While playing scrabble Tyler McDonald spells Jehus, James challenges the word and loses. The end.
by ThursdayNit3 July 04, 2007
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Has his own YouTube channel called JehusWorldTour. Loves to do food reviews and go on tours. Is extremely handsome he will bring sexy back. Stars in many movies. Also he is THE GOD he is PERFECT in every way.
Dude you seem like a Jehu.
OMG it's Jehu!
by Jehu = God April 20, 2018
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