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The hashing won't have collisions whp
by __gcd May 25, 2018
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1. Wheel horsepower
The power of a vehicle's engine mesured ''at the wheel'', instead of ''at the crank'', so, after drivetrain losses are applied.
Mesured by a dyno.
What should be considered as the ''real'' power of a car.

2. Wish horsepower
Take on the acronym to describe a purely cosmetic modification on a car.
A. Wheel
My engine make 106hp, at the wheel there is 89hp, so i have 89whp.

B. Wish
- Check those stickers on my bumper and my fat exhaust !
- Yeah, sure, that must give you at least 15 whp...
by nottinbettah2du November 05, 2011
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Warm Hole Provider.

A woman who you really don't care about at all, besides the fact that she provides you with a warm hole every once in a while.
So there's this chick I'm nailing, hopefully she doesn't want a relationship, because I would love to keep her as my WHP.
by John Slivka October 11, 2008
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Weapon Hit Points, used in Dark Cloud, a fairly popular PS2 game, to represent the current weapons durability.
You lose WHP when you attack an enemy, and if the WHP falls to zero, your weapon breaks. On the first Dark Cloud, your weapon would disappear if it broke, but on DC2, you lose your ABS and you cant attack with it if it breaks, but you can still fix it later.
by Dark cloud master July 01, 2005
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