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An ethnicity that is part Jewish and Korean.
My husband is Jewish and I am Korean, and our children are Jewrean.
by SurferMama September 05, 2009
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This is a term used to define the most extreme frugal (tight ass) behavior exhibited by a Korean, with Jewish monetary values (not actual related to a Jew).

His or her property for sale is always "real nice" (worth gold) whereas anything they buy, must leave them feeling like they dry fucked you.

This behavior is often noted by the continually forcing contractors to quick fix things. In hopes that this underspending, in an attempt that a quick fix, maybe sufficient.

When the quick fix has failed, then being faced with an American contractor, he is always too expensive. The Jewrean will argue a discounted rate and get the contractor to the point of completion.

Lastly,the Jewrean will either re-negotiate, the agreed work, fire the contractor, or flat out NOT PAY THEM UNTIL THE SHERIFF ARRIVES
Our Korean landlord could only be cheaper if he was a Jew as well. The Jewrean had the septic pumped ten times in six month because he did not want to pay to have the drain field replaced.

That Jewrean shorted the pump truck $300.00 after he agreed to pay the entire amount. The Sheriff is on his way.
by "2 Expensive" Rightway plumber October 23, 2009
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worst racist insault towards korean
lee, park, song are fucking jewreans
by mike January 31, 2005
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