While going down on a woman you make a pretend gun with your hand. Insert your pointer and middle fingers into her vagina, your ring finger into her ass, and massage her clit with your thumb. Another variation is the deputy, which is basically the same thing minus the finger in the ass.
last night I made her squeel when i gave her the sheriff!
by crownknot1 October 01, 2005
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The man.
The big dog
The captain of the pirate ship.
The King of the jungle.
A man that knows all and does all, and usually sleeps with your mom.
by 00Sheriff February 11, 2007
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"Last Name" Origon English, Keeper of the woods, Keeper of the law as defined by parlement. The Definition of being the most awesome human being on the planet.
A man named Sheriff was shot in the line of duty.
by Mopey25 February 03, 2010
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When one inserts their fingers in a gun formation in the other person while also going down on them. Critical that no hole be ignored.
"omg I totally got sheriffed last night"

"he totally sheriffed me"

"please sheriff me"
by Ajkittykat July 30, 2012
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someone who dislike unmoral people or acts and will voice his disapproval
sheriff: "stop chirpsing those yats!!!!!!!!!! - the sheriff will shoot you down......"
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A character on the World of Warcraft Korgath Server who constantly bullies newbs, pks, and is a general asshole to anyone he meets.

Sheriff has gained enough of a reputation to have his identity posted on the internet by a private investigator (who also happens to play WoW). He has gotten numerous death threats from disgruntled players.
" Sheriff, if you show up at Blizz-Con, I will wash your mouth out with buckshot!"
by whatever460 April 20, 2009
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