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A slang term for a Blackberry phone, normally used to indicate the general audience that uses them.
Jacob checks his stock portfolio on his new JewBerry.
by your mother trebek June 05, 2009
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The cereal I will create with honey oat crunches in the shape of the star of david and little marshmallows in the shapes of yamikas, manuras, tips of circumcised penises, dollar signs, and kosher hot dogs. There will also be little cereal berries included to add some flavor. Each box of cereal includes a barcode temporary tattoo for the young ones.
"Mom, can we get some Jew Berry cereal for breakfast??"
by Enya Zupakolos August 12, 2008
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a person with extremely frugal financial standards.
Joe's jewberry tendencies saved him large sums of money over the years, but he never had any fun with it,
by Bill J October 04, 2005
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A booger that is attached and dangling from one’s nose-hairs, On thee outside of the nostril. Similar to a Dingleberry.
β€œI was gonna go blow my nose, cause I felt I had a big ol Jewberry creepin.”
by Djdollarbill September 25, 2018
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