A clever name for the state or city of New York used as a dig on the Jews, due to its exceptionally large Jewish population?
I'm off on Thursday for some holiday whose name I can't pronounce. Yep, this is sumpin that only happens in Jew York.
by GuidoPosse69 February 3, 2005
Used by anti-semites to describe New York. Refers to the high Jewish population.
"How can you stand living in Jew York", said the neo-nazi.
by Ding Dong December 31, 2004
A place where Jews live; It is similiar to New York City.
Jew: "Hey, n00blolz1, what is New York City like?"
n00blolz1: "It's bad, lol.... can I haz Jew York City?"
Jew: "Yes."
by Alex_will_kill_joo_all January 14, 2010
An extremely sexually promiscuous female from New York of mixed race decent. Generally these girls will rape you of your money, time, and soul only to cheat on you.
Johnny McWarguy: So that girl I was dating... she told me she has this new boyfriend...
Max: Dude, what the fuck? That Puerto Rican, Korean, Polish, Jewish girl from New York? What a fucking bitch.
Johnny McWarguy: I know... can't say it wasn't coming... Goddamned Jew York Mutt.
by Johnny McWarguy April 30, 2008
One that is a uptight, and fickle. very tight financially jewish man. One with a love for money, a paper chaser.
That guy is tighter than a New york jew, give me my money you F*ing New york JEW!
by Christopher james bueler February 22, 2005
When your drunk partner is giving you a blow job, and after jizzing in her face, and eyes more importantly, you pull your pants up, take her purse and run away.
"I was thinking about going on the Maury show after I got a New York Jew Job that night"

"After wiping the cum of her face, Sally realized that her purse was stolen. She got New York Jew Job'ed."
by Michael Dyakool December 17, 2007