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The most supportive and loving girl that walks this earth. She has beautiful eyes that sparkle even at night. Her smile can light up a whole room filled with darkness. And her laugh is contagious and cute. Boys can't help but to stare. If she falls in love, she won't stop thinking about you. She is intelligent, athletic, into art, and great at listening. If you ever find yourself a Jessica, don't let go.
"Hey, who is the hottie with the cute smile?"
"Her name is Jessica. She is total wifey material."
by TeamShifty August 02, 2017
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A girl who makes the world keep spinning, she makes time move slower, she makes the clear skies at night that much better. She makes the sun that much warmer. She makes the birds sing louder. She makes your face smile. She's the moon of your life, the highlight of the skies at night. She shines when the stars do not. She's the love of your life.
"Jessica's Strange man." "Naw she's just interesting."
by Jesustakethewheelplease January 29, 2015
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Jessica is the most amazing girl you will ever meet basically. She is known to be the sexiest person who walked the planet. Boys get nervous when around her and a lot of boys have a crush on her. Jessica is aspired to by others. She will show you a good time and also has a crazy/wild side to her. When you meet a Jessica, you will have a hard time forgetting her! She falls in love easily and loves to laugh. But she has a down side to her, she can take control sometimes. She likes to be the leader in every situation and is not afraid to voice her opinion. When she falls in love, she falls deep. Boys love her! Jessica in a term means goddess. She has incredible looks. When you find a Jessica, don't let her go! Shes beautiful, talented and has an amazing body. Guys like to often flirt with her but she doesn't take that to heart. She isn't perfect, but then again, who is? Shes very active and likes to do very crazy and scary things. Jessica likes to dress kinda nice and when gets complimented, denies all of it. Shes very artistic and is a great dancer. Boys are lucky to have her! Shes also very supportive and a great friend! She speaks her mind and doesn't care what people think! She has great eyes and hair. Jessica is very loyal and open, her family value her a lot. She is loved by lots of people and even people whom she might not know about! She is an all round amazing person who everyone is grateful to have in their lives.
Damn! That Jessica chick is fucking hot.
by fuckyourbitch69 February 05, 2015
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Jessica is the best friend EVER. She is kind, athletic, smart, and beautiful. She lights up the world with happiness when she smiles. She has long, brown, wavy hair that sways when she walks. If you ever meet a Jessica, never let her leave your life, because hd is the most loyal, amazing, loving friend you will EVER have!!!
Lola: That girl is so nice

Lucas: I want to date her. What's her name

Isabela: She is totally a Jessica
by Skyheart1357 January 03, 2015
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The prettiest girl on the planet. She is nice, kind, smart and amazing. Although she can be sassy or annoying she is really nice. She is a one of a kind person. Some people call her a jerk or mean but she's not. She isn't perfect, but who is. She is beautiful inside and out. Jessica means amazing. If you meet a Jessica get to know her.
Look at Jessica
Wow she looks amazing
by Swag Elephant March 05, 2015
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Super amazing, and beautiful girl that everybody likes.
She's like a Tiger. Majestic, graceful.
But she can and will rip you apart if you betray her.
She is a overall badass!!!!
1: Hey look it's jessica.
2: I'm going to go say hi.
1: Dude watch out she's like a tiger.
2: She's so nice though.
1: Dude she will fucking eat you alive!
by Владимир Путин January 30, 2015
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A beautiful, lovely girl who makes friends easily and usually has a strong love for animals.
My friend Jessica is a great friend!
by Kittens101 December 30, 2014
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