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An extremely beautiful girl that is super smart, funny and classy ,but is never too classy to roast your ass when needed be. If you do something shady to a Jessica she will remember you and will get your shady ass back when you least expect it and call it even. They are very sweet loving individuals to a certain extent. They know which ones that deserve their sweet side and they know which ones deserve their dark side. Don't take a Jessica for granted! You will regret it. If you date a Jessica your family will forever remember her and ask and talk to you and your new wife daily about her. Karma is Jessica's best friend, they get lit together, so again beware what you do to a Jessica!
Damn! That girl is so gorgeous, smart, and funny , she must be a Jessica.

My bro just got his tires slashed last week because he cheated on his now ex girlfriend, his ex must be a Jessica because she's a savage!

She just roasted your ass, that girl is a savage, she must be a Jessica!
by SavageQueeeeen December 22, 2016
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