2 definitions by Tapatony

A friendly, funny, kind person who likes to joke around. Everybody likes her and wants to be around her. She's the weirdest person you will ever meet but that makes her herself. She's really easy to talk to. She's the bestest friend you will find
Hey do you know that Jessica girl?
Ya she's really nice and super weird.
Yeah I really want to be her friend.
by Tapatony May 16, 2017
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He is a really kind hearted person, and really easy to talk to. Anyone can go talk to him and he'll make them feel better. He's the friend anyone wants. He is cute and most girls like him, but yet doesn't have a girlfriend. Has a few close friends girls and boys. He is shorter than everyone else but he is still the best friend you could ever ask for:). Everyone loves Christian.
Christian is so nice. He's my best friend.
by Tapatony May 16, 2017
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