A greek name which means "What god beholds"

Actual meaning: Very impish, pretty, complex, deadly.
"Man that jessica girl is pretty, but i cant read her."
by sticksstonesxx March 24, 2009
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If your name is Jessica you are automatically a hot and a bad bitch that should never be messed with. You are the hottest and everyone wishes they should be you.

Synonyms are - hot, amazing, swell, stunning, bad, sassy, cute
"I wish I was a Jessica" says Dana.
by Jjensen August 23, 2016
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Jessica is a nice, loving person that loves animals. Is beautiful, cute, tall and pretty. Usually friend with blonds just like the name patricia.
Hi Jessica, your pretty
by shvachadcvady February 09, 2015
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Jessica is by far the most beautiful girl to walk the face of the planet. An angel sent from above. Perfectly imperfect. She is the girl of any mans dreams. She is indescribably gorgeous and the legality of her beauty is questionable. She is by far the fairest in the land. She is exceptionally punny and incredibly smart. She is extremely down to earth. So down to earth that she cannot accept compliments based on her beauty. She will reject and turn down any compliments that revolve around her. It is mind boggling to see how someone so special doesn't even know just how much they mean to people. She is poetry in a world still learning the alphabet. Her beauty is unfathomable and uncomprehending. The mere fact she turns the complintents down makes her even more attractive if that's even possible. So to summarize, Jessica is an Angel and a modern day princess and any man to be in her life should be extremely lucky.
Damn that guy is lucky


Nah, his girl is Jessica

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit man
by Rooooooooooot66 January 19, 2017
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The most awe-inspiring person who has walked the earth. She is radiant, beautiful, kind and intelligent. She cares about others before herself. She will make you laugh and smile until inevitably, you'll fall head over heels in love with her. She will not admit to any of this, but it's 100% accurate!
Man, someday I will marry my Jessica... Sexy unicorn mermaid
by Ricky/Noah October 10, 2016
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