A korean "word" in numerical text.
If you see this, try saying this number in korean, and you get
천사 (chun sa) which means Angel in Korean.
You are my 1004
You are my chunsa
by doodoo012 January 21, 2009
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You are my Angel

I thank God for you every day
You brought life back into my soul

Looking at the sky tonight
...as the sun set
I could feel your love ❤️ ✨

I am still here
I'm not going anywhere

My love, I ❤️ you now and...
by Wanderlust_127 May 25, 2022
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Kaelen Cody William Granger tattoo plus three ink dots wrist knee and elbow
What do I do about the 1004 bbs you manipulated into me with NLP and exclusion assault madd?
by Cody5050 January 27, 2022
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In defense of a dying retired child soldiers genocide survivor who is literally dying on devils night ever car dealers in North America is being hit by a shower of automatic gunfire from a gang sedan
Devils night is 80 cars for 1004 wounds
by Cody5050 January 27, 2022
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