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Jenil is a cute guy . Loving & caring to others, Helpful to everyone. He is intelligent, honest. Never cheats anyone
by Byeji May 02, 2018
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The true meaning of 'jenil'(noun) is sun in Gujarati i.e 'surya' as it is a Gujarati name.

Other meaning for 'jenil' (verb)in Sanskrit language is enjoyment for some reason or to just enjoy without any reason. In other words celebrating life.
For example :- jenil be so hot. (Noun)

For example :- let's jenil. (Verb)
by swaggtacular April 17, 2016
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a fat ugly boy, usually with large breast hanging to his belly button. He smells and forgets to use a belt so his ass shows all the time. questioned by many as being gay but he hides his true cock seeking nature by keeping women around him. he is of pakistani origin but claims mumbai as his home, a true terrorist.
Stop acting like Jenil you fat ugly faggot.
by jorge100 February 24, 2010
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