Nefertiti is a beautiful girl is very confident and loud She loves her family and she is an African fellow. She is so pretty and has perfect eyebrows. She doesn't even have to draw them. Nefertiti is a leader like the queen and helps anyone in need. She is very smart and likes singing and rapping. She is a fantastic friend and you will never forget her. Guys will fall for her. I wish I had a Nefertiti. It is such a unique name.
Nefertiti is a ....
by Lala123gg////& November 7, 2017
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The great royal wife of one of Egypts Kings. Nefertiti is known as a queen of immense beauty and commonly referred as one of the most beautiful women ever.
Tootsie: "Wow that girl Sadhia is amazing she is so pretty I want to make her my Nefertiti"
by tootster78 January 30, 2010
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Finesse, marvlous, miraculous, magnificent, tremendous, terric, brilliance, linguistic, leisurist, linguistic, with knowlegable wisdom to live as master of the universe - in one.
The exotic leisurist knows this is sirius, to live as the most mack of the best selection, is to know Nefertiti. the back bone of society.
by oproc March 23, 2008
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