When you take a little bit of shrooms and you get kinda high but don’t actually go to space. As opposed to Neil Armstronging it the whole way.
I have a pretty busy day tomorrow so I’m just gonna Jeff Bezos it a little tonight.
by Cowboy_wayne August 28, 2021
Part-robot who employs the largest number of people in poverty and kills his employees
Dude 1: Did you know the median salary at amazon is $28,000? That means 325,000 people are making below the poverty line!
Dude 2: not surprised. Did you know that Jeff Bezos likes to kill his employees?
Dude 1: Yeah I heard that instead of putting AC in his factory when it was 110 degrees he hired a bunch of niggas to park medical trucks outside the building and revive people who fainted
by novelty16 May 5, 2018
Some Rich Bastard That Would Rather Put His Money Into A Space Company Instead Of Ending World Hunger Basically A Harmless Dictator
by G48M October 22, 2020
Jeff who?
Teacher: "I'd like to introduce you to Jeff Bezos."
Class: "Jeff Who?"
by Ewok Musk June 16, 2020
Jeff bezos is a fat greedy fire breathing reptile, who enjoys frolicking In vast fields of gold and oppressing the working class. This destructive and evil creature is a manifestation of pure greed, caring nothing for anyone but himself and not caring who he hurts. This creature does not obey any laws and instead does anything in the pet suit of more treasure to horde
Jeff bezos is tearing down a historic bridge to make way for his giant money raft of working class subjugation.
by Le potat March 16, 2022